[KINDUS 1ST FACTORY] USA market advance of EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line by KINDUS

We would like to introduce about the EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line we supplied to USA client this year; EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line(Project No. K213) !! Reference photos !! Eco-friendly EPS sandwich panel line 1. This is eco-friendly line including EPS recycling system. 2. As the EPS lin
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[KINDUS 1ST FACTORY] Successful project of combined(EPS & PIR) sandwich panel production line in Brazil.

KINDUS, we have started as a machinery manufacturer for various kinds of metal working industry since 1995, and now we’re developed and only company in the world which has a total-care system from sandwich panel production line manufacturing, sandwich panel production and construction based on
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Glass(Mineral)-wool Sandwich Panel

[KINDUS 2ND FACTORY] Glass(Mineral)-wool Sandwich Panel for the new shopping mall

The picture below is a new shopping mall opened in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The building is a multi-purpose facility that combines B2B and B2C, and running mainly on the office during weekdays and sales on weekends. It is used as a relaxation area and experience space for shoppers. Also, it has var
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  Yesterday, I went to our sandwich panel and PIR board production plant located in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do. I took some picture of our sandwich panel products. ​ ​​First of all, there’re glass-wool(GW) sandwich panels. It’s also known as the mineral-wool sandwich panel. ​Although there’re some dif
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PIR sandwich panel

22m PIR sandwich panel production by KINDUS Korea

Today, we will show you our production process for 22m PIR sandwich panels by our domestic client. First, the operator sets the color steel sheet on decoiling system and the coil put into the roll forming machine. Look! The coil is formed nicely. Formed color coil gets into double belt slat conveyor
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polyisocyanurate board(PIR board)_kindus_korea

[KINDUS 2nd Factory] PIR Board(polyisocyanurate board)

PIR board(polyisocyanurate board) has the best thermal conductivity among organic insulation materials, so it could be applied in various construction. PIR board has excellent moisture-resistant and has a surface material vapourproof layer for maintenance. When constructing the PIR board(polyisocyan
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KINDUS is a leading company manufacturing various sandwich panel production line and producing sandwich panel products itself at the same time. ‘ ‘ KINDUS 1st Factory ‘   ‘ KINDUS 2nd Factory ‘ KINDUS 2nd factory is one of the 3 biggest sandwich panel suppliers in
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[KINDUS 1ST FACTORY] KINDUS is Spurring the New Project

All of KINDUS staff have been dedicating to manufacture the production line which to satisfy our client’s expectations perfectly. ‘ ‘ Our team is reviewing and discussing project drawing countless times, and the lights at the production site are not turned off easily like our team&
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[KINDUS 1ST FACTORY] KINDUS’ New Projects in South America

Despite the recent global economic market stagnation due to COVID-19, KINDUS, we are currently working on several South American projects. ‘ ‘ We believe this project will be a good bridgehead for securing the South American market. ‘ ‘ As a leading sandwich panel production
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Although the world is in a hard situation due to COVID-19, KINDUS, we keep trying to overcome this period. ‘ Today, we’ve finished the meeting with our foreign client via video call regarding our new project ! ‘ We believe that all of us can overcome this virus and return to our no
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