[KINDUS 2ND FACTORY] What is a urethane sandwich panel

Same as the word, urethane sandwich panel uses urethane foam as core material.


It has v0.020W/m*k low heat conductivity and this is half of glass wool and EPS sandwich panel.


Also, poly urethane sandwich panel can be used various construction because it is strong and can be connected perfectly.


• Superior resilience

Due to its’ superior resilience, there are not expansion & shrinkage by heat and also endure well to water.


urethane sandwich panel


• Luxurious appearance

It can be connected neatly with other pieces and have various colors. The strongest advantage is that you can use it easily.


pu sandwich panel


• Suitable for KS standard.

Our PIR sandwich panel using polyisocyanurate foam as core material is certificated by KS standard.


urethane sandwich panel


• Low smokability


urethane sandwich panel


KINDUS & PANELTECH, we provide various types of sandwich panels to domestic and global market.


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