[KINDUS 1ST FACTORY] PU/PIR sandwich panel production line in Uruguay

Today I’m going to post about the machines KINDUS supplied to Uruguayan client with some reference photos in 2022.

PU/PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line(Project No. K202)

PU/PIR sandwich panel production line PU, PIR sandwich panel production line in Uruguay

PU, PIR sandwich panel production

A full automatic line : Uncoiling → Wrapping 

1. This is automatic sandwich panel production line to be able to produce 6 kinds of different shape panel in only one line.
2. The PUR board insulation can be produced as well by upgrade in future.
3. KINDUS can also manufacture and supply the various kinds of sandwich panel production lines for producing special shape panel as per client’s request, such as corrugated roof panel which is made of one side as steel and another side as aluminum foil.
KINDUS is reliable sandwich panel business partner who is leading the below businesses by ourselves.
– Sandwich panel production machines manufacture & supply
– Mineral(Rock)-wool, PU/PIR sandwich panel production
– PU/PIR insulation board production
– Sandwich panel construction
– Sandwich panel transportation

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