[KINDUS 2ND FACTORY] Glass(Mineral)-wool Sandwich Panel

Today, I’m going to post about the Glass(mineral)-wool Sandwich Panel,

KINDUS supplied to construction site in Cheong-Ju, Chunghceongbuk-do, South Korea.Glass(Mineral)-wool Sandwich Panel factory

Glass(Mineral)-wool Sandwich Panel

As shown above, the supplied Glass(Mineral)-wool is the GTB type with polyester blue.

Glass wool Sandwich Panel

Mineral wool Sandwich Panel

KINDUS supplies various types of sandwich panels depending on the type of building, at home and abroad.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

※ We’re reliable sandwich panel business partner who is leading the below businesses by ourselves.

-. Sandwich panel production lines(machine) manufacture & supply
-. Mineral(Rock)-wool, PU/PIR sandwich panel production
-. PU/PIR insulation board production
-. Sandwich panel construction
-. Sandwich panel transportation

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