[KINDUS 2ND FACTORY] Glass-wool Sandwich Panel(Metal Type)

Today, I’m going to post about the Glass-wool Sandwich Panel(Metal type)supplied by KINDUS.

The construction site is located in Incheon-si, South Korea shown as below;

 Glass-wool Sandwich Panel(Metal Type)

Glass-wool Sandwich Panel(Metal Type)

As you can see above, all the front side of the construction site is built with Glass-wool panel metal type.

The left side / right side is being installed with Glass-wool panel bolt-less type!

Glass-wool Sandwich Panel(Metal Type)

Glass-wool Sandwich Panel(Metal Type)

The Glass-wool panel metal exterior wall 150mm Thickness shown in the above picture, has been installed with product codes GME/GSME & GRFB types and in two colors.

Not only the metal panel enables you to have sophisticated externals but also, you can save the construction expenses by decreasing construction period and labors from simpler construct.

The specification of metal panels;

Glass-wool Sandwich Metal Panel

KINDUS supplies various types of sandwich panels depending on the type of building, at home and abroad.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

※ We’re reliable sandwich panel business partner who is leading the below businesses by ourselves.

-. Sandwich panel production lines(machine) manufacture & supply
-. Mineral(Rock)-wool, PU/PIR sandwich panel production
-. PU/PIR insulation board production
-. Sandwich panel construction
-. Sandwich panel transportation

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