What is a Glass wool sandwich panel?

Glass-wool sandwich panels are used for various purposes, such as the inside walls of a building, outer walls, ships, household appliances, etc.


They also have superior insulate property, sound absorption.


Our glass-wool sandwich panels are non-combustible and fire-retardant. Also, there are no toxic gas in a fire, reducing the damage.


• Excellent nonflammable performance

Glass wool is incombustible and doesn’t make any harmful gas since it is compose of pure minerals.


Glass wool sandwich panel


• Excellent sound absorption property.

Due to many small spaces in glass wool fiber, it absorbs noise well.


Glass wool sandwich panel


• Superior insulation.

It helps to reduce heat/cooling cost due to low heat conductivity.




• Anti-corrosion.

Glass-wool sandwich panel has strong structure and superior resilience.


Glass wool sandwich panel


KINDUS & PANELTECH, we provide various types of sandwich panels to domestic and global market.


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