[KINDUS 1ST FACTORY] Successful project of combined(EPS & PIR) sandwich panel production line in Brazil.

KINDUS, we have started as a machinery manufacturer for various kinds of metal working industry since 1995, and now we’re developed and only company in the world which has a total-care system from sandwich panel production line manufacturing, sandwich panel production and construction based on successful experiences over than 170 projects world widely. Now, we would like to show you one of sandwich panel produc
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PIR sandwich panel

22m PIR sandwich panel production by KINDUS Korea

Today, we will show you our production process for 22m PIR sandwich panels by our domestic client. First, the operator sets the color steel sheet on decoiling system and the coil put into the roll forming machine. Look! The coil is formed nicely. Formed color coil gets into double belt slat conveyor through PU/PIR forming process. Double belt slat conveyor, in other words caterpillar system, its function is to help t
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