[KINDUS 1ST FACTORY] KINDUS is Spurring the New Project

All of KINDUS staff have been dedicating to manufacture the production line which to satisfy our client’s expectations perfectly. ‘ ‘ Our team is reviewing and discussing project drawing countless times, and the lights at the production site are not turned off easily like our team’s passion. ‘ ‘ As a leading sandwich panel production line maker, KINDUS, we have may skillful technic
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(KINDUS) Continuous PU,PIR & Mineral-wool Sandwich Panel Production Line for Korea by KINDUS in 2019[20191118]

[KINDUS 1ST FACTORY] The biggest sandwich panel production line project in S.Korea.

Few months ago, we finished a project for 3 sandwich panel production lines successfully. ‘ – Two continuous PU/PIR sandwich panel production lines – One mineral-wool sandwich panel production line ‘ We’ve never seen other projects same as this size so far, and we think there will be no this kind of project in S.Korea. ‘ Also, we appreciate all cooperation of our client for this bi
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