KINDUS is a leading company manufacturing various sandwich panel production line and producing sandwich panel products itself at the same time. ‘ ‘ KINDUS 1st Factory ‘   ‘ KINDUS 2nd Factory ‘ KINDUS 2nd factory is one of the 3 biggest sandwich panel suppliers in the Korean domestic market. ‘ One of our main product is PU/PIR sandwich panels and recently, inquiries for this t
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[KINDUS 1ST FACTORY] KINDUS is Spurring the New Project

All of KINDUS staff have been dedicating to manufacture the production line which to satisfy our client’s expectations perfectly. ‘ ‘ Our team is reviewing and discussing project drawing countless times, and the lights at the production site are not turned off easily like our team’s passion. ‘ ‘ As a leading sandwich panel production line maker, KINDUS, we have may skillful technic
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(KINDUS) Continuous PU,PIR & Mineral-wool Sandwich Panel Production Line for Korea by KINDUS in 2019[20191118]

[KINDUS 1ST FACTORY] The biggest sandwich panel production line project in S.Korea.

Few months ago, we finished a project for 3 sandwich panel production lines successfully. ‘ – Two continuous PU/PIR sandwich panel production lines – One mineral-wool sandwich panel production line ‘ We’ve never seen other projects same as this size so far, and we think there will be no this kind of project in S.Korea. ‘ Also, we appreciate all cooperation of our client for this bi
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[KINDUS 2ND FACTORY] Poly urethane wall RS, FF sandwich panel

Poly urethane wall RS, FF sandwich panel Good day to you! . Today I bring news about our urethane wall RS, FF sandwich panel supplied to client in Seoul, Korea.     Although, it is not built yet, we can predict its tidy appearance!     In this case, our client used white & beige color and covered their roof with grey urethane sandwich panel.     We also provide our PU/PIR sandwich wa
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[KINDUS 2ND FACTORY] Polyurethane secret fix wall(FF) sandwich panel

Polyurethane secret fix wall(FF) sandwich panel   Good day!   Today, I’m bring news of our polyurethane secret fix wall(FF) sandwich panel and polyurethane metal secret fix wall sandwich panel.     It seems like Lego block building!   You can make sophisticated and strong building easily with our urethane and metal secret fix wall(50T) sandwich panel.     Keep neat surface and moder
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